We service everything water


A water feature's performance is a direct result of the equipment that is installed. It is imperative to employ top-quality fountain components that are ideal for the desired effect. All of our electrical components, including our custom-built control panels, are designed to meet UL's stringent standards. Our goal is to provide you with the optimal water feature equipment package to suit your application. We can provide you with an ideal, complete equipment package that is fully-tested before arriving to you.


If the water is the soul of your water feature, then the equipment vault is its heart. Fountain Technologies raises the manufacturing of subterranean equipment vaults to new levels of quality standards. Each vault is built to the exact specifications of the particular project,using a framework that was developed around the needs of several landscape architects.


In 2001, Pool and Spa News honored Fountain Technologies as Regional Builder of the Year. Though we are located in the Northern Chicago Area, we have experience working on water features from Plano,Texas to the Middle East


We can supply and install a variety of lake aeration systems and floating fountains to improve the water quality and aesthetics of your pond or lake.


Totally unique, Fountain Technologies has been created for the design, construction and vault fabrication of new fountains and water features, as well as service and maintenance for those existing.

Outdoors or indoors ... in a mall, at a hospital or other institution, as a municipality landmark, on a corporate campus, for a welcome to a residential area, or to create drama to a retail environment, you can rely on the unmatched experience that only Fountain Technologies can provide.

From the spring opening to the protective closing in fall, the Fountain Technologies staff will pressure wash, vacuum, clean or replace filters and check chemical balances with scheduled maintenance to keep your water sparkling clean. For floating fountains, our staff can boat to your fountain or water feature site, often aided by a crane as needed. When problems arise, Fountain Technologies will examine electrical equipment and motors, and check your subterranean vault or mechanical room, to find and fix the problem source. And for those water features starting to show their age, Fountain Technologies will provide restorative suggestions.

For more details on our complete range of services and the scope of our operations, please contact us.